Showcase Jewelers of Hays, Inc. would encourage you to insure your fine jewelry either through Jeweler’s Mutual or your homeowner’s policy! The insurance company will more than likely require a retail replacement value appraisal before they insure it. The appraisal normally must have been completed within the last three years. Showcase Jewelers can provide you with a professional appraisal to meet these insurance company requirements. The appraisal will include a description of the item including what the article is, what metal the item is made from, the types and sizes of any stones in the item, the weight of the item, any other defining characteristics the item may have and finally a retail replacement value of the item.

Showcase also suggests that even though you may have your fine jewelry insured against loss, theft, fire, or breakage of any kind that you have it checked and cleaned every 6 months. This can help ensure that you don’t lose a precious memory or have to make an insurance claim. There is never a charge to check and clean your fine jewelry items whether they were purchased at our location or not. This cleaning will include a good soak in the ultrasonic, a steam and then an inspection of the piece! We also can offer an upgraded version which includes buffing out scratches, ultrasonic, steaming, inspecting and re-rhodium plating (white gold) jewelry.

Insurance Appraisals
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